: Dec 16, 2017

A man in a wheelchair was killed while protesting Donald Trump’s Israel policy

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Dear social justice activists who are “woke” and will protest every perceived injustice under the sun but completely neglect or distort the cause of the Palestinians. For how long will you pretend this isn’t happening? This is occupation. This is apartheid. #FreePalestine #HandsOffJerusalem #StayWoke

“A man’s house is destroyed by our air raid in 2008. He loses both his legs. He is wheelchair-bound. But he has to live, not just for himself; for his family. He goes car-washing. At traffic lights and junctions. He swings himself out of his wheelchair and hops onto hoods with a polishing rag, legless. Walks himself on his hands to the windshield. Polishes that, too. Every day. For nine years. He survives two more wars and countless more airstrikes. Hunger and blockade. And washing cars – legless, relentless, as athletic and determined as a Paralympian – he ends up supporting 11 souls.
On weekends, he goes out to the dirty sand dunes betwen him and us, the people who bombed, maimed and imprisoned him. He sticks a flag we dislike into the sand. He props his legless torso onto the top of a dune. And he shouts. Sometimes his words are amplified by cameras, sometimes just a bullhorn. Sometimes not even that. He sits there, legless, and shouts things we don’t want to hear. Defiant things. Unpleasant things. Impertinent things. So today, our sniper shot him in the head.
Israel. Ending 2017 on quite a note.” – Dimi Reider

A man in a wheelchair was killed while protesting Donald Trump’s Israel policy

The 29-year-old was a frequent presence during protests.



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