: Dec 07, 2017

DC Protest: Jerusalem is NOT the Capital of Israel

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Be sure to join us tomorrow in front of the White House for Jumah and in protest of Trump’s Jerusalem declaration. Join AMP and a large group of allies for a mass demonstration in front of the White House on Friday, December 8, featuring guest khatib, Sh. Omar Suleiman.

On Wednesday, December 6, President Donald Trump announced his decision to relocate the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and declared it as the capital of Israel. This dangerous move contravenes decades of U.S. foreign policy and will only serve to inflame the situation on the ground. AMP believes that declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital threatens not only Palestinians who are being ethnically cleansed, but also U.S. interests, its standing, and any possibility of being an “honest broker” in the Middle East.

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