: Jan 20, 2015

Noam Chomsky being himself: http://edition.cnn.com/201

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Noam Chomsky being himself:


I’m quite surprised that CNN is actually publishing this on their website. It is very rare for such a high-profile critic, who speaks truth to power, is allowed to speak on mainstream news outlets.

In the article, he lists quite a few examples of acts that would easily constitute war-crimes or terrorism, but have been done by America. He then concludes:

“It is not difficult to elaborate. These few examples illustrate a very general principle that is observed with impressive dedication and consistency: The more we can blame some crimes on enemies, the greater the outrage; the greater our responsibility for crimes — and hence the more we can do to end them — the less the concern, tending to oblivion or even denial.

Contrary to the eloquent pronouncements, it is not the case that “Terrorism is terrorism. There’s no two ways about it.” There definitely are two ways about it: theirs versus ours. And not just terrorism.”

Chomsky: Paris attacks show hypocrisy of West’s outrage – CNN.com
Opinion: The Charlie Hebdo massacre was a terror attack — but so were many attacks committed by Western forces in recent years, writes Noam Chomsky.




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