: Oct 11, 2017

Our community is in need. …

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Our community is in need.

Some of us are suffering silently from depression and anxiety. Some haven’t learned the tools necessary to be happy. And many of us are suffering from the marriage crisis. I mean from all sides of the equation. But in specific, there is a crisis happening pre-marriage. People are getting played. Many people have no idea what to look for and which red flags to stay far away from. We are also entering marriage totally ill prepared!

Recently, I have started a series to try to address some of the pressing needs of our global community who do not always have access to local classes. Of course one of the challenges of any organization is to balance sustainability with accessibility. In other words, each organization needs to sustain itself financially, however we do not want to block access to those who can’t afford it.

To try to address this concern and due to popular demand, we have developed a discounted scholarship link for those in financial difficulty. This is an Amana (trust) which I leave to you. Below you can find the regular link along with a scholarship link for all seminars: “Finding Your Life Partner”, “Psychology of Happiness”, and “Depression and Anxiety” seminars.

Once you register, you will receive an automated email within 48-72 hrs with login instructions to give you access to the exclusive recordings, Q&A, as well as the private discussion groups. Once you login, you will have immediate access to be viewed anytime at your convenience:

You can reserve the course for yourself or for a friend or family member you know could benefit.

Those who wish to sponsor another student(s), can do so here:

Finding Your Life Partner: what to seek when you’re seeking:

Scholarship–Finding Your Life Partner: what to seek when you’re seeking:

Depression and Anxiety:

Scholarship–Depression and Anxiety:

Psychology of Happiness:

Scholarship–Psychology of Happiness:



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