: Jan 16, 2015

ACTION ITEM: I've been inundated with emails and

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I’ve been inundated with emails and thank you letters from people for my interview on NPR yesterday, but that doesn’t benefit us in the long run. The fact of the matter is that the media often-times doesn’t know who to choose and picks people who happen to be in the spotlight for some reason or another (usually a negative reason!)

If you want more mainstream voices to be heard on national media, such as CNN, NPR, and others, then YOU the people must tell these agencies who you want.

Rather than having some crazy fanatics, or people with strange views, or people who don’t even believe in our faith, represent us, we need to pressure these news agencies to put on mainstream Muslims who can vocalize what we believe.

Email or tweet those agencies with the names of Muslim voices you believe represent us. Not just myself, but people like Omar Suleiman, Nouman Ali Khan, Hamza Yusuf, Suhaib Webb, and others who can articulate a sensible position and defend our values in the mainstream media.

In the comments, please place the contacts for various news agencies, and the action item is to email them politely asking that they not put on someone whom the Muslim community themselves dissociates from, but rather these specific people (and list the people you want!).




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