: Aug 13, 2017

Dallas call to action (do not ignore) READ, ACT, SHARE: …

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Dallas call to action (do not ignore) READ, ACT, SHARE:

Monday morning, I need you to call these city council members and tell them you want the confederate monuments gone. Do not get lazy or make excuses for yourself. One by one, call and tell them we’re ready to move forward. We need you all to help us as we’re pushing this for the September agenda. Unless they hear from you nonstop, we can only do so much.

Make this a family activity and explain to your kids why you’re doing this. If you need to brush up on why this is so important, read our open letter: bit.ly/bringthemdowndallas

Here are the city council members who have given us their support:

Philip T. Kingston for Dallas
Casey Thomas
Adam Medrano
Scott Griggs
Omar Narvaez
Mark Clayton

Here are the names and numbers of those we are waiting for:

Dwaine Caraway 214-670-0781
Rickey Callahan 214-670-4052
Kevin Felder 214-670-4689
Tennell Atkins 214-670-4066
Adam McGough 214-670-4068
Lee Kleinman 214-670-7817
Sandy Greyson 214-670-4067
Jennifer Gates 214-670-7057

Do this and SHARE this message widely. Lets flood their lines tomorrow and let them know how we feel about these monuments. As we get confirmed support, we will update the names accordingly.



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