: Jun 19, 2017

Race, love, hate, and me: A distinctly American story (AKA: Yes, I’m Black)

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They’re only trying to delegitimize Shaun King because they fear him. We’ve got his back.

Race, love, hate, and me: A distinctly American story (AKA: Yes, I’m Black)

Friends – I am hoping that 25,000 or more of you can read, like, love, and share this post. It’s important to me.

Nearly two years ago, after 35 years of living, I was forced by Breitbart and a bunch of other bigots, to share my entire family history after they falsely claimed to be outing me as a white man pretending to be Black. They lied. We quickly and easily proved that they lied, but the truth doesn’t really matter nearly as much as it used to in America.

The wild thing is – the more effective I am, the more influential I become – the more they continue to go back to this lie. They are doing it again on Fox News now. My family and I have grown rather immune to the BS, but we also aren’t going to sit back and let my name and theirs be tarnished in the process. We will fight back.

What I am sharing here is important to me and I hope you will take time to read it from start to finish and share it widely with your friends and network.

Here I have published an update edition of my earlier essay entitled “Race, Love, Hate, and Me: A Distinctly American Story.” Now, we’ve included more information, photos, sources, and so much more. Call this the “Receipts Edition.”

Occasionally people will ask, “Shaun – why even respond to this foolishness?”

I must. While you may not believe the lies, and I appreciate that, when they go mainstream like they continue to do, they do real damage to my life, to my career, and to my family. We live in a country where nearly 65 million people voted for Donald Trump. Most of that group, not unlike the other 65 million people who voted for Clinton, live in a deeply isolated bubble. They believe their friends. They believe their own set of experts and pundits – and never really hear anything that goes against that set of lies.

This is me and my family forcing the truth out there.

I hope you take the time to read it all.



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