: Jun 15, 2017

This clip made me cry, and I’ll tell you why….

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This clip made me cry, and I’ll tell you why.
It made me cry because this is who we are, and yet so often we forget. The constant bombardment of bad press becomes internalized in us psychologically and we begin to feel ashamed. Just as the haters want. More than anything they want to breed *self hatred* in us. They want us to be ashamed of Islam and Muslims. They want us to apologize for Islam. They want us to take off our hijabs and just blend in. To lay low like wanted convicts.

But. We. Must. Refuse.

We must remain proud of who we are. We must not cower, but rather stand taller and stronger and more proud.
This is who we are, my people. This.

We’re live at a west London mosque after the fire at Grenfell Tower



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