: Jan 14, 2015

This article on CNN quoted some of my thoughts on the r

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This article on CNN quoted some of my thoughts on the reprinting of the French magazine with another image of the Prophet (SAW):


Also, make no mistake about it: this gathering of over 40 world leaders with an alleged goal of ‘uniting’ for the protection of freedom of speech is a farce of the highest magnitude, and an intentional attempt to marginalize and demonize Islam as ‘the Other’.

It is a farce because each and every world leader that came, without exception, himself has a track record of humans rights abuses and free speech violations (particularly in jailing journalists who expose their crimes). Not a single one of them has any moral authority to tell others anything about ‘free speech’ and protecting innocent lives. (Netanyahu will tell us about protecting people’s rights?!?)

And it is an attempt to demonize Islam by somehow making Muslims the ‘other’. The incessant, non-stop coverage of everything to do with this massacre will automatically result in people feeling more hatred and fear of Islam.
Simple reality: the Brevik massacre of 2011 resulted in 77 deaths. Brevik was a white Christian fanatic. He intentionally targeted completely innocent young men and women (some of them teenagers). He went on a shooting rampage with multiple high-powered guns for hours on end. His manifesto clearly indicates his racism and Islamophobia, and has references to Christian scripture.

I do not recall seeing any demonstration against Brevik, much less condemnation, by a single world leader, of Christian fanatics. There was no unified protest against ‘those barbarians’ known as the Far-Right parties, of America and Europe: parties, mind you, that are getting more and more popular day by day. There are far more members and sympathizers of the Tea Party than there are of supporters of ISIS in America. And Fox News recently had one of them on air brazenly say that it was time to exterminate all Muslims. Such type of rhetoric is a precursor to the actual deeds, as history has shown.

Do not be fooled. We are not Charles Hebdo, because we do not insult any sacred symbols, or prophets, or God Himself. We are not Ahmad Merabet, because we will not give our lives to defend the right of others to insult people’s religions. We are not the Kouachi brothers, because we follow the reality of our Shariah and do not do deeds that will harm the Ummah more than benefit it.

We are none of the above. We are followers of Muhammad salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam.


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