: Feb 17, 2015

When the heart is in so much pain, it can hardly speak. But, let me be clear. My…

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When the heart is in so much pain, it can hardly speak. But, let me be clear. My heart is not in pain for Deah, Yusor, and Razan, may God's mercy encompass them. Oh Lord, my heart thinks of them and finds peace. I say to myself, how beautiful their hearts and deeds must have been to be accepted in such a way. We must realize that we have one goal here. Only one goal. To leave this earth in the most beautiful way.
But in order to be given such a privilege, we need to live in a beautiful way.
My heart is in awe at the privilege God gave to these 3 souls: To live serving His creation, and then die as martyrs because of that service to God. Because of their devotion and submission. Because they chose to live their lives for God. Because they chose Islam.
So my heart does not grieve for the successful souls. No. My heart grieves for us. For me. For my wounded and confused community. For the deeply diseased world I live in. A world plagued by hatred and short-sightedness. A world of poisonous attachments.
My heart grieves for the family. For their pain. When I first heard the news, I dropped to the ground and cried. But those tears were for the sister, my dear friend Suzanne. The one who, when she saw I was going through a hard time, asked no questions, but just came by my house with food for me and my kids. I never forgot that. That's who this family is.

So my heart cried for them. For the Abu-Salha family. For Farris and his parents. Because I knew them. I knew that I'd never before seen a family so close and loving to each other, MashaAllah. And so I also immediately knew that this trial was so handpicked for them. To honor and elevate them. I ask God to make their trial and their elevation easy. I ask God to accept these 3 martyrs and allow us all to follow their legacy of service and devotion, until the very end.
Farris was correct. These 3 souls have won. Now the question is, have we?



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