: Feb 15, 2015

Denunciation of Denmark terrorist Attacks Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi In the w…

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Denunciation of Denmark terrorist Attacks

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi

In the wake of the terrorist attacks which took place in the past two days in Copenhagen, Denmark, we would like to express in the strongest words our condemnation of these attacks and show our solidarity with the Danish people and the Danish government.

As Muslim scholars, we denounce any violence done in the name of our religion, Islam, which should be source of peace and should motivate its Muslims to spread love and show Mercy to all humanity.

Therefore, we call upon Muslims to abandon violence and opt for peaceful means to protest or object if they do not agree with something in the society where they live.

Furthermore, I would like to remind my fellow Muslims living in Denmark or elsewhere in Europe, that there is a contract between them and the governments, it is a sacred covenant based on respecting the law and abiding by all legislations. People's lives and wealth and all their rights are protected in Islam regardless of their religion and Muslims do not breach their covenants nor are they treacherous. Muslims are not at war with Denmark nor are they at war with the West, and war cannot declared by individuals or groups; it is based on political relations between countries.

I am sure that there are a lot of differences between Muslims' cultures wherever they come from and the Danish and Nordic or European cultures, part of which is unlimited freedom of speech, which sometimes causes us a lot of unrest and anger. Our answer to this should be in trying to present a beautiful image of Islam, and a perfect example of the matchless character of the Prophet of Islam. This way, people will love him and welcome us.

Putting explosives and killing people is a source of destruction not only to us, but also to our communities, to our religion, and to the good that is in the societies in which we live. Please, give people a chance to love us as Muslims by showing them love, even if you do not like them or like what you do; love indeed is a the most powerful way to win people to your side.

I reiterate my condemnation of the terrorist attacks and my solidarity with the Danish people and call for the Danish Muslim community to unite against violence; as violence begets hatred to Muslims and Islam, which we are struggling to remove.



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