: Feb 13, 2015

What a brave old lady! Telling ISIS the bitter truth to their face. https://ww…

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What a brave old lady! Telling ISIS the bitter truth to their face.


I was honestly scared that they might kill her right then and there, just as they have 'executed' so many of their own for disagreeing with them.

One sign of a fanatic cult is to consider anyone who opposes you as a kafir who has opposed Allah Himself! I just found out that their latest magazine has a picture of me, and they have declared me a 'kafir murtad'. In response, I have nothing more to say than what this lady said: repent to Allah yourselves, before it is too late!

Allah says, 'Let not the hatred of a group of people cause you to go beyond the bounds; be just, for that is the essence of piety.' As Allah is my witness, I have never called them murtad or munafiq or kafir. Misguided, yes. Fanatical, yes. But I have never called their iman into question.

Allah will be their judge and mine. And I have no doubt that they will have to answer for their verdicts of calling others 'kafir', and more importantly, for their shedding of innocent blood.

حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل نعم المولى ونعم النصير

MUST WATCH : Old lady stands up against ISIS !

Old woman refutes ISIS militants by talking with logic.



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