: Feb 10, 2015

On this day, exactly 757 years ago, in 1258 CE, the Mongol army, under the leade…

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On this day, exactly 757 years ago, in 1258 CE, the Mongol army, under the leadership of Hulegu Khan grandson of Ghengis Khan, entered the capital of the Muslim world, the seat of the Abbasid Caliphate, and the most glorious city of the time: Baghdad.

They then proceeded to commit one of the greatest atrocities of medieval times, murdering perhaps up to a million people. At a time when there were no weapons of mass destruction, they quite literally slaughtered men, women and children by the sword. They destroyed mosques, ransacked houses, demolished buildings, and burned books. The greatest library of the medieval world, with countless manuscripts and unimaginable literary treasures, was completely razed to the ground, and all of its million-plus books destroyed. (The Mongols were superstitious people and thought that books were a type of magic, since they were illiterate). The last caliph was forced to watch all of this, and then killed, along with his family, thus in essence bringing the Abbasid Caliphate to an end.

In terms of political devastation, it is claimed (and there is much truth to this) that this one event forever changed the dynamics of the Muslim world. It is as if Islamic civilization never fully recovered from the blow inflicted on it from the Mongols, and eventually Europe began to rise to power, officially superseding Islamic lands post- WW1, with the Treaty of Versaille and the Sykes-Picot Agreement.

It is essential for Muslims to learn their own history. Share this with others so that we can all benefit.



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