What is diversification and why is it that important from an Islamic & financial standpoint?

Watch how Sheikh Dr Yasir Qadhi explains this approach to investing through examples from our Prophet and His companion’s lives.

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Q: What is Islam’s stance on abortion?

I give details on the answer to this question in the video below.

Your heart is a vessel. The more you fill it with hatred, grudges, anger, or even idleness, the less space it has for God.

“Allah has not placed two hearts within one man…” (Quran 33:4)

Sometimes your grudge grows to own your heart, sometimes your pride, sometimes your desires. But it’s never truly empty, just filled with the wrong things.

You can’t use that one heart that you have to serve two masters. Or else you’ll spiritually die of a heart attack.

‘Amr Ibn Al ‘As was married at the young age of eleven years old. He then had his son, Abdullah Ibn ‘Amr Ibn Al ’As(R) at twelve years old. At that time, it was something normal, therefore nobody paid that much attention.

Abdullah Ibn ‘Amr Ibn Al ’As(R) was originally named after his grandfather. Though after accepting Islam, the Prophet(S) advised him to change his name as it had negative connotations. That is when the Prophet(S) gave him the name of Abdullah and said: “The most beloved of names to Allah is Abdullah and Abdurrahman”

One of the most famous things about Abdullah Ibn ‘Amr Ibn Al ’As(R) is that, he was the main companion who was known to keep a book of Hadith in the lifetime of the Prophet(S). He would record Hadiths directly from the Prophet(S). Before doing so, he requested the Prophet(S) for permission and therefore was granted so.

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Let’s count the homeless. I need 500 volunteers to sign up for this in Dallas. Please organize your youth group, Masjid, MSA, etc. and join this effort! Sign up below!


Why we’re going to count the homeless.

A conversation with David Gruber from the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance on how to make homelessness rare, brief, and non recurring.

If you want to do this in Dallas, join us on January 25 from 7 pm – midnight. http://www.mdhadallas.org/2018-homeless-count/

It may seem almost impossible to handle one’s finances today without having to deal with the issue of interest – whether it’s investing our hard earned money or taking a mortgage for our family home. However, the Halal investment field is gaining ground in several countries and expanding all the time.

To help you get a grasp of what can and can’t be done when it comes to investments, Wahed’s Halal Investing has created an Educational Series with Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi, Ethical Advisor to the investment group.

In the first episode, Sheikh Dr. Yasir explains what wealth is and in the coming episodes he’ll discuss halal investing, and talk about its importance.

We all go through hardships. These moments are Allah’s (SWT) way of testing us and drawing us closer to Him. A true Believer tries his/her best to address these trials with patience and perseverance, although that is not always easy to do. Almost a hundred verses in the Qur’an command us to be patient and teach us about the blessings of patience.

Join Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi in this khutbah where he teaches us how to master the art of patience.

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