Thank you Antwerp for a wonderful evening. Meeting so many of you with your questions, insights, suggestions, prayers and of course smiles was invaluable. I’m learning a lot during this tour about your personal struggles. Please know that you’re in my prayers and I’m going to do my best to take your concerns and go back to Allah’s book for insights that would hopefully help.

Today we protested for a Clean Dream Act in front of the Omni where Mike Pence is speaking. This little girl and her mother are DACA recipients. Is she really a threat to our security? Will “pro-family” advocates stand by and let her family be torn apart?

Don’t be silent.
Don’t be complacent.

Call your congressman, support the advocacy groups in your community, open your places of worship, and let the dreamers know that your American Dream includes them.

(Shoutout to Imam Khalid Shahid for coming out today)

Tune in live tomorrow insha’Allah as we go through the full story of Bilal (ra). As the country celebrates #BlackHistoryMonth, and @[1425533411070675:274:Bilal: A New Breed of Hero – Movie] hits theaters all around, we will look into the full biography of a man who has inspired millions with his unshakeable faith and determination.

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**My Official Announcement**

The First *All-In-One Learning Hub *Essential to Every Muslim

I joined Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, Shaykh Abu Eesa, Shaykh Omar Suleiman, Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed, Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair and other instructors at AlMaghrib Institute to design and deliver the most comprehensive Islamic Learning Hub for you.

We fittingly called it Faith Essentials.

What will this cover?

-Fiqh of Worship – Purification, Salah, Zakah, Fasting, Hajj
-Fiqh of Food, Drink, Fashion
-Fiqh of Dua & Dhikr
-Marriage, Family, Parenthood
-The Unseen
-Islamic Etiquette and Ethics
-Gender Relations, Social Media
We are in our beta stage of releasing the program. We plan to give access to the first set of users within one-month inshaAllah.

Read more about this project here:

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Last night was a truly unique experience. I requested my hosts in Berlin to take me and my sisters to the neighborhood we were born in. We went to the apartment building my parents lived in and where they raised me till the age of six. It was surreal. I haven’t seen this place except in fragmented images retained in my childhood memory for nearly 34 years (yup nearly 40. I’m old). That pic is the entry to the building. I remember being too short to reach those buttons. I wanted to press all of them. (Even now).

We FaceTimed my mom from the park in front of our apartment building.
“Mom guess where we are”. I thought I’d have to explain myself and tell her so it would jog her memory. Silly me. My mother in an instant transported back 35 years and gave me a complete walkthrough of where I was standing. Where she used to sit when I splashed in the water park. Directions to the grocery store (they’ve expanded since, good for them). I turned the camera to the outside of our once 2nd floor apartment. She said, “that’s my balcony, that’s my kitchen window, that’s my bedroom window!”

I could hear the intensity of emotion she was experiencing in her voice. I could tell the memory of her father passing around the same time she was too late in her pregnancy to travel with me in her womb and my dad being sick to the point of hospitalization himself was flashing through her mind.

The rest of that evening I spent contemplating this experience and what it was making me feel.

I want to dedicate this post to my parents and all the parents out there who left their homeland and raised their kids in a society alien to their own culture. May be what I write below resonates with you and may be it doesn’t. I will dedicate another post to children of abusive parents because that is an under addressed issue in our communities and cultures. But this one is for my parents who I can never thank Allah enough for.

You worked hard. You withstood feeling like an outsider and often being made to feel like one, many times the object of ridicule, missing your friends, family, laughs and comforts. You compromised your lives for us. You took your life savings and dedicated them to our living, our education and our happiness. You gave us love when you felt none from the outside world. You were our shelter when you felt exposed and vulnerable yourselves. You taught us the value of hard work. You cried in silence when your loved ones passed and you couldn’t go back home to see them. You sheltered us even from your own pain. You were our pillars even as you crumbled inside.

My siblings and I never really got to call a single country our homeland. Germany was home until it wasn’t. Pakistan was home for 6 months and we left for Saudi. That was home until the first gulf war. Pakistan was home again for nothing more than a year. America has been home since. But all this time growing up we knew as your kids that we had to pack our bags and leave some day. No place was home for life. But you, you became our homeland. You are now retired, past your prime, and though us adult kids of yours might live under the delusion that we now take care of you, the truth is that your heartfelt prayers take care of us. You live in a land now where you’re the one with the foreign accents and we your kids speak the local language better than you. But we won’t forget that if not for you, we wouldn’t be able to say a single word. For those of you out there that have had the blessing of parents who have provided for you and have cared for you, just know that all of their imperfections combined aren’t even an ounce compared to the mountains you owe them.

We are nothing without you and we can’t ever pay you back for what you’ve done for us. We are sorry for the times we raised our voice, when we made you angry and sad. For all the times we made you feel less important, dismissed and disrespected. We love you, we honor you and we hope we do right by you so long as we live. In Islam, the highest level of excellence anyone can attain is called Ihsan. The best prayer is a prayer with ihsan. The best hajj is a hajj with ihsan. The best charity is a charity with ihsan. Yet when it comes to you, Allah honored you by making Ihsan not the highest, but the minimum standard of conduct. The least we better show you is Ihsan! We pray you forgive us and that we earn your life long prayers with our ihsan dedicated to you. Love you Mama and Papa.

Ok bye.

Cruz would often wear a Trump cap, hyper-patriotic t-shirts that “seemed really extreme, like hating on Islam,” and also known for deriding Muslims as “terrorists and bombers”.

America’s new nightmare: The deadly alliance of Islamophobia and gun culture

The Valentine’s Day school massacre has all the hallmarks of a new type of killer, with a love of guns, and motivated by the ideology of white supremacy and hatred of Muslims

I do my best to make this page a sanctuary. A place where people can come to find inspiration and comfort.

But today I am angry.

Two days ago a 19 year old white male walked into a Florida high school, with a legally obtained AR-15 assault rifle, and massacred 17 people. Mostly children.

The killer, Nikolas Cruz, was a member of a white supremacist group and one of his profile pictures showed a man whose face was covered and wearing a hat that read “Make America Great Again.”

His instagram had pictures captioned “arsenal,” showcased collections of firearms, including what appears to be a Savage Axis bolt-action rifle, a Smith and Wesson M&P15-series rifle, and at least two shotguns.

But in case law enforcement wasn’t alerted to any of this, since they only spy on Muslims, Cruz actually *spelled it out* for them. On Sept 24, 2017, he wrote on a public YouTube comment: “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” Using his *full* *real* name.

The comment was screenshot and immediately reported to the FBI. They did absolutely nothing. I suppose I can understand why. They are too tied up spying on, and arresting innocent brown Muslims to have time to actually do their job protecting America against *actual* terrorism. Can you imagine if a Muslim wrote, “I’m going to be a professional shooter”?

One of the teachers who survived the massacre summed it up perfectly: “Our government, our country has failed us and failed our kids and didn’t keep us safe.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

Dale Hansen is on 🔥

Umrah is one of the most important and blessed acts that a Muslim can do. It is known to be the ‘minor Hajj’. Therefore when we are going for Umrah, we should go with a ‘Niyyah’ (Intention), that we are undertaking one of the greatest actions of worships a Muslim can do, because we are venerating the House that Allah has called His own, also found on the most blessed place in the entire world.

Therefore Allah(SWT) says: “Whoever intends to do any type of evil in this land, Allah will give him the most severe punishment.”

Our scholars say if Allah says wanting to do evil in Makkah will get you a sin, then wanting to do good will also get you much more reward.

Watch the Full Video Here:
The Fiqh of Umrah – Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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Looking forward to this gala on Saturday in McKinney insha’Allah. Assalamu Alaykum,

Join us for the Montessori School of Excellence’s (MSE) First Annual Gala, as we celebrate MSE’s many accomplishments, take a look at how MSE is rethinking the way Islamic School’s operate and as we introduce the vision for the future home of our school! We are excited to have Sh. Omar Suleiman to inspire us as our keynote speaker and world-renowned artist, Dawud Wharnsby, to serenade us with his beautiful nasheeds.

In addition to an exciting and memorable program for the adults, we have also planned for a fun evening for our young VIP guests (0-11 years), which will include games, crafts, activities and a presentation by Mad Science DFW (ages 7-11)!

Tickets are limited and expected to sell out, so please purchase your space right away.

Purchase tickets at

Tickets: Early Bird Special – $45 ($50 after Feb. 10) | Full Table (seats 10) – $405 | Kid’s Program – $18

*Kid’s program presented by Black Tie Babysitting and Mad Science DFW

If you are interested in donating or sponsoring this event please email for more information.

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Calling out the hypocrisy seriously gets exhausting. But we won’t stop.

Shaun King

Imagine for just a moment that a radical terrorist cell OF MUSLIMS INSIDE OF AMERICA openly claimed they provided para-military training for a MUSLIM man who shot and killed 17 American schoolchildren.

Imagine him being from a country on Trump’s banned list.

What would happen?

As we study #BlackMuslimHistory and the country celebrates #BlackHistoryMonth, let’s study the life of our hero Bilal Ibn Rabah (ra).

If you’re in Dallas, I look forward to seeing you at Valley Ranch Islamic Center! Otherwise, tune in live on Facebook this Sunday insha’Allah! As the country celebrates #BlackHistoryMonth, and @[1425533411070675:274:Bilal: A New Breed of Hero – Movie] hits theaters all around, we will look into the full biography of a man who has inspired millions with his unshakeable faith and determination.

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